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Find social media accounts from an email address

How to Find Out More About the Person Behind an Email Address

Users often ask us when we’re going to build an application that lets people easily use the FullContact Person API to find more information about their contacts. The fact is, we prefer to leave app building to our developer customers.

At the same time, we recognize many of you just have a list of emails and you want to find out more information about those people. For those who fit this description, we’ve built a powerful tool: the FullContact Macro for Microsoft Excel. It’s the simplest way to associate email addresses with social media profiles – without coding.

And lucky for you, we’ve put together a video to tell you how to use it.

Before you dive into the video below, here are a couple of housekeeping notes:

Got all that? Great. Now click play and watch the magic happen.

As you can see, the FullContact Excel Macro makes it pretty painless to add Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles to a long list of email addresses.

Want to do the same thing for your personal and business contacts? Sign up for the FullContact Address Book and automatically add social profiles and photos to all your Google Contacts.

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