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SocialRank review

Find Your Most Valuable Twitter Followers with SocialRank

Your company has amassed a pretty nice group of followers on Twitter. But how can you tell which ones are going to be most beneficial to it? While many brands turn to Klout to get insight about their followers, a new application called SocialRank takes a slightly different approach. In this week’s Two-Minute Drill we’ll dive in and show you what you’ll find.

The focus on combining metrics into an overall “best follower” measurement is one that we’ve not really seen before, and it could pay off big for brands who are engaging via Twitter. According to The Next Web, SocialRank will be including networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Vine and more in the coming months.

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Video Transcript: SocialRank Helps You Find Valuable Twitter Followers

Hey, it’s Brad from FullContact, and we’re taking a look at a new tool today, from a company called SocialRank. It is a way for you find, what they’re calling, “your most important Twitter followers.” So, I loaded up the FullContact Twitter account, here, into SocialRank.co, and apparently, I am the Best Follower in the past 30 days. This, “Most Valuable Follower,” metric is interesting. It’s a little bit like Clout, except that, instead of measuring things just, like, Followers, it takes some other pieces into account. Such as, their Follower/Following ratio, and a determined value for that.

Now, there are some other things here that are interesting as well. When you run your report, you’ll get, not only your Best Follower, but also, a look at your Most Engaged Follower, and your Most Valuable Follower. So, the Most Engaged Follower is the person who interacts with you the most. It could be based on your Retweets, Mentions, Favorites. It doesn’t really matter how many Followers that user has.

Your Most Valuable Follower metric looks like it comes more from the amount of Followers that they have. Whereas, that overall Best Follower is someone who strikes a balance between being your Most Engaged, and your Most Valuable. So, as you can see here, when we go in to look at the report, it shows us our Ten Best Followers, Most Valuable, and Ten Most Engaged, as well.

Now, if you want to upgrade, you can. And that’ll give you 100 in each of those categories. Plus, it gives you daily and weekly reports, as well as demographic and geographic data. And that’ll cost you about 25 bucks a month or you can knock it out at $20.00 a month, if you pay for a year in advance. So, if we click over, and we take a look at our Best Followers, you’ll see a list here, of the people who are the Most Valuable, and the Most Engaged, all rolled into one. But we if switch over to Most Valuable Followers, you’ll see some interesting results, in that, not all of them have high Follower accounts.

So, you have 317,000, 163,000, but if we go down to the next one, this guy’s only got 168 people who are Following him. Which is interesting, but I guess it kind of speaks more to the idea that value isn’t necessarily in how loud someone has the ability to be on a social network and service. So there you have it, it is SocialRank. It is SocialRank.co. I’m Brad, and this is the FullContact Two Minute Drill.

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