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Flounder app review

Flounder Helps Your Company Be a Better Listener on Twitter

Companies always talk about how they’re listening to their customers. Sometimes it’s even true. But the way that we communicate has changed, and Twitter is definitely a big part of that. To that end, we use tools (like TweetDeck, Sprout Social, Hootsuite and more) to make sure that we’re able to listen when someone is talking to us.

But companies are made up of people, and those people are talking to other people about your company as well. Flounder is a slick tool that can make sure you’re able to be part of the conversation.

As it says in the screenshot, any time that a member of your team starts talking with someone about your company, Flounder starts listening. After they’ve exchanged a few tweets, Flounder will then follow that person to make it easier to stay in touch with them. But it’s not some shotgun approach auto-follow system. Flounder will actually make sure that there’s an engaging conversation going on before it decides to follow someone. Just as it’s bad manners to auto-DM a new follower (seriously, stop it), Flounder makes sure that you don’t cross the creepy line by automatically following someone on their first mention of your company.

The setup is as simple as it could be. Just log in with your company Twitter account, and then choose which other accounts it will monitor. At FullContact, we have a number of Twitter accounts (separating our API, apps and corporate voices) so I chose to have the “master” account follow our others. Though it would definitely be good if there was a way to manage more than one account from a single login, it’s understandable why the service limits it to a single handle for now.

Like many of the great services that we use, it doesn’t do anything that we couldn’t do ourselves, it just makes life easier by handling the process for us. Flounder is free to use, and has some cool features on the roadmap such as adding new follows to a list for even better segmentation. Give it a shot and be a better listener.

Image: qrevolution via Flickr

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