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Get better at building rapport

From the Playbook: Get Better at Creating Rapport

It’s the era of relationship-based selling…and relationships in general. Web 2.0 may have brought everything into one place, but ironically the world seemed a bit more disjointed. Building rapport is the first step to engaging in a relationship, and S. Anthony Iannarino has some amazing tips on helping you to break through the ice. For example:

Be Human: Well, you’re already human. But be really human. Share the things that make you human. You have feelings. You have a husband or a wife or a significant other or kids or a hobby or something. Sharing the experiences that make you human make it safe for the person you are engaging with to share theirs. Boom! Connected.

We understand the value of relationships, what it takes to make (or break them). Make sure to check out Anthony’s blog post, and share it with others who might have the same problems.

Boom! Connected.

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