Why CRMs fail

From the Playbook: Why CRM Fails for Many Companies

We’ve been on a bit of a kick lately with CRM systems on the FullContact blog, so it seemed only fitting to talk more about what makes them work…and what makes them fail. This week, there’s an article on Clickz that addresses the primary point of failure for CRM inside of almost any company – tracking the wrong metrics.

Taking your CRM tool and leveraging it on top of clearly defined sales best practices in your business means that you are not measuring meaningless numbers or activity that you can’t control. You’re now measuring data that is part of a clear path to profitability for your business and the supporting activity that you can control.

We’re big on metrics here at FullContact. We don’t do anything without measuring the effect that it has. But if you’re not measuring the right parts, then the data that you get in return will essentially be meaningless. There’s a big push for
simplicity in CRM systems, as evidenced by the growth of companies like KarmaCRM. But no system will be effective, regardless of how easy it is to use, if there’s bad data somewhere in the chain.

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