You have 30 days to convert a customer

From the Playbook – You Have 30 Days to Convert a Customer

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There’s a great piece this week from the folks over at Intercom that talks about the timeline that you have for turning a lead into a paying customer. While it does cover some of the basics that we all should know by now, there’s some in-depth discussion that’s definitely worth your time to read. In the article, Alan O’Rourke goes into the conversion metrics for many of your favorite companies like Twitter and Dropbox.

What’s incredibly interesting to us is that the author specifically points to the power of email in creating these conversions. As we discussed earlier in the week, there’s a huge amount of pull for social data in email marketing. This view is only further solidified by what we’re seeing from the Intercom article:

So Patrick started mailing users at day 20 of their trial. If they had already hit the key activation metric the mail praised them for how much value they had created for their own business. The email also pushed how great the value of Appointment Reminder now offered. 
If the user had not hit the activation metric they got a rescue email asking how Patrick can help and if the user needs more time.  Just one of these emails, to a user who had never set up a reminder resulted in an enterprise sale of $6,000.

At FullContact, we spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out the fine-point details of not only customer relationships, but also acquisition and closing. To find out how we’re helping others, just take a look at our customers.

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