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FullContact Acquires Conspire

FullContact Acquires Conspire

Written By:
Bart Lorang

Today I’m incredibly excited to announce that FullContact has acquired Conspire! We’ve worked closely with the Conspire team over the past few years and couldn’t be more proud to combine our capabilities in a way that will be awesome for our customers.

Paul, Alex, and the entire Conspire team have been fabulous partners with FullContact, having utilized our Person API as a part of the Conspire offering. More importantly, FullContact and Conspire have always shared the same values and mission: to build the largest, OPEN social graph in the world.

FullContact and Conspire believe that your contact data belongs to you. These are your relationships, your connections, and your networks. They don’t belong to a specific network or service. We believe that you should be able to leverage the power of those relationships to help make your life more fulfilling.

With Conspire and FullContact joining forces, you will now be 1 step closer to that reality. Together we’ll allow you to reach and amplify your network in a way much greater than we could alone.

What happens next?

To those of you who love Conspire as much as we do, have no fear! We understand how important Conspire is in your quest to fully connect with people. Conspire will continue to run and operate as you know it while we integrate their amazing features and technology into FullContact’s products.

Over time, the addition of Conspire’s technology will allow FullContact users to identify key people outside their own address books and find the best path to making connections.

If you’re a Conspire user and you haven’t checked out FullContact, please do so! You can sign up here. I promise that once you’ve merged, de-duped, and enriched your address book, you’ll see just how powerful FullContact + Conspire is – and how awesome it is that we’re now one company.

I can’t thank everyone involved in helping to make this deal happen enough. This has been one of the smoothest, most pleasant, and fun acquisitions that I’ve been a part of in my career. It just goes to show you that when you surround yourself with awesome people, anything is possible!

We are unbelievably excited about what we’re building in the future and can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!

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