FullContact and Automate.io Bring the Power of Profile Enrichment to Marketing and Sales

Written By:
Kelsey Anderson

FullContact and Automate recently announced their partnership integration, aimed at facilitating smarter, faster decisions for a host of marketing automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions including lead prioritization, segmentation, and personalization. The partnership helps small and mid-sized businesses seamlessly integrate customer intelligence with dozens of systems and tools.

By learning more about prospects and customers through identity resolution and profile enrichment, which ties together data fragments into a seamless, accurate, and rich intelligence, marketing and sales staff can avoid imprecise customer understanding to better engage leads throughout the customer journey. Businesses can do a host of actions with greater insight and efficiency–such as applying audience-based triggers and actions to any lead or opportunity; creating compelling campaigns and channel engagement based on customer interests, and providing personalized experiences.

“The partnership helps businesses carry out their marketing and sales operations more effectively,” says Ashok Gudibandla, CEO, Automate IO Inc. “With more information about the prospect, sales teams save time researching prospects to focus on actually selling.”

Automate.io allows organizations to seamlessly connect their cloud apps and run business workflows more efficiently, automate marketing, sales or payment process with ease. By embedding FullContact’s industry-leading Customer Intelligence APIs, companies can unlock the benefits of understanding their customers and prospects holistically, using the highest levels of data quality and security.

“We’re excited to partner with Automate.io and bring the power of profile enrichment to a wide variety of marketing and sales related cloud applications,” says Kelsey Anderson, Partner Marketing Manager, FullContact Inc.

Automatic Enrichment That Improves Many Functions

Automate.io helps companies become more productive and agile by automating marketing, sales or any internal processes. Combining the FullContact API results in automatically enriching subscribers and leads as they enter customer CRM and marketing tools. Instead of a sales professional or marketer using multiple systems and applications to access relevant information, they instantly gain a single identity resolution embedded into existing CRM workflows. The customer intelligence is available wherever they need it, using whatever application they prefer.

They easily segment their audience and personalize messages based on a wealth of interest, behavior, and firmographic data. Marketers can take a single piece of information–such as an email provided for a Website subscription or gated piece of content–and turn that into insight used to organize audiences around common interests, demographics and other affinities. They can also perform account-based marketing better by selecting the right prospects based on their roles, responsibilities, interests and behaviors.

Sales staff benefit from better pre-qualified leads using interest and behavioral data that reveal the person behind the lead. By including enriched data inside their CRM or marketing automation tool, they no longer have to waste time and resources updating lead contact information or looking for personal and company details. They receive automatic updates for every lead, ensuring an accurate, up-to-date view to help with every step in the sales process. And by understanding partial profiles as complete contacts, they improve lead scoring and prioritization. They also reduce churn through more targeted engagement.

Check out the many integrations you can set up today including Hubspot, ZohoCRM, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Typeform, and many more.

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