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FullContact Brings You Complete Business Contact Information

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How many times have you had an email address for a business contact but are missing other key pieces of contact information like phone number, address, or title? You need that information to make an introductory call, send information, or segment your business contacts by industry, location, or size. You could do an on-line search or reach out to ask, but doing that for your entire address book would take forever and you have more valuable tasks to complete. FullContact can now turn that partial contact into a complete business contact with our Enhanced Contact API endpoint.

We’ve partnered with trusted third party data providers to give you access to business contact information that can include title, department, company name, direct phone number, company phone number, company address, company industry, and estimated company revenue. When you hit the Person API endpoint it will return a response to tell you if more business contact information is available. You then have the option to invoke the Enhanced Contact API endpoint and retrieve the data for $0.20 per record.

Our standard API plans still include the social media profiles and publicly available information we have always provided; now you also have the ability to add premium business contact information. The ability to purchase the premium business contact information is only available for our business plan users. All user’s API keys will let you know in the response when premium business contact information is available so that you know when you might be missing out.

Turn your partial and incomplete business contacts into full contacts. Try out the Enhanced Contact endpoint today!

UPDATE: The Enhanced Contact API has been deprecated as of mid-2013. Plans to re-introduce it at a later date are at this time unknown.

Want to see it back? Email us at support@fullcontact.com & let us know!

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