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Klout Topics API from FullContact

FullContact . . . Now With More Klout!

FullContact is pleased to feature the new Klout scores in our API response!

Recently, Klout updated their algorithm to include approximately 300 new variables, resulting in a grand total of around 400 variables from seven different social networks. Also, Klout’s new algorithm takes into account more real world variables, such as the importance of a person’s Wikipedia page. This remedied the underlying factor in why Justin Bieber had a perfect 100 score but President Obama only had a 94.

Here’s a link to Klout’s blog post about the update. You can also read what goes into the new Klout scores here, or Klout’s developer blog post about what the new scores mean to Klout partners.

These updated Klout scores offer a good opportunity to refresh your contact data using our API, to make sure you have the most current social URLs, pictures, Klout scores and topics, and other data. We also recommend using our webhook method to ensure that we perform an updated search before sending you a response.

You can see more about how we provide Klout data in our API response schema.

If you’re interested in adding Klout data to your app, get a free FullContact API key here!

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