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FullContact's Five Laws of Privacy

FullContact’s Five Laws of Privacy

Written By:
Bart Lorang

FullContact’s mission is to solve the world’s contact information problem. We like to say: “If you’ve got an address book, you’ve got an address book problem.”  FullContact wants to solve this problem by providing a ridiculously smart address book in the cloud – all accessible via an open API.

Since the inception of the company, we’ve been thinking deeply about Privacy & Control – a key topic when dealing with sensitive contact data. It’s an important topic to everyone that works at FullContact and our continuous conversation about it is an important part of our company culture.

To help our users understand how we think about Privacy & Control and in the interest of total transparency, we’ve put together a summary of the Five Laws of Privacy we follow at FullContact:

  1. Your Trust is of the Utmost Importance To Us, and We Will Never Betray It
  2. Your Contact Data and Your Contact Record is Yours
  3. Your Private Data is Private
  4. Your Data is Protected
  5. Your Data is Portable

1. Your Trust is of the Utmost Importance To Us, and We Will Never Betray It.

You have chosen to trust us with your address books and contact data.  We understand what an awesome responsibility that is, and we promise to never do anything to let you down or betray your trust.

Our business is NOT in selling private contact data from your address book. We simply don’t do that.

Our business IS in providing you a safe, secure place to unify your address books and keep them all up-to-date, clean and complete.

2. Your Contact Data and Your Contact Record is Yours.

You are in control of your contact data and your personal contact profile. You can decide what information is available to other FullContact users or choose not to share it entirely.

3. Your Private Data is Private.

Private contact data stored in your address book contains sensitive information like email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses and notes.  We consider your private contact data to be privileged information and we will never sell, rent, lease or share your private contact data.  You control with whom you share it.

In order to provide and improve elements of the FullContact service (for example, de-duplication) we may need to store and process this private contact data behind the scenes. However, your private contact data is not shared with any other FullContact user without your explicit request.

Public contact data, such as Names, URLs, Photos, Handles and Titles, is information that is publicly available on the Internet, or otherwise available in the public domain. We aggregate public data, take into account corrections and feedback, and provide this information to you to improve the quality of your contact data.

FullContact has features which allow you to publish and share some of your private contacts and contact lists with others, but these features are totally optional and whether or not you use them is up to you. If you choose to connect your FullContact account with one of our development partners, you may be giving the partner access to your contact data. We will tell you how the partner application will access your account and you can turn off access whenever you want.

4. Your Data is Protected.

We will always strive to keep your data and contacts safe and secure. We take many precautions to protect your data from accidental loss and theft. Everything you put into your FullContact Cloud Address Book is stored in our secure data center with multiple redundant servers, storage devices and off-site backups. Communication between FullContact clients and our servers is encrypted via industry-standard SSL. We don’t store your FullContact account password on our servers and no one at FullContact will ever ask you for it.

5. Your Private Data is Portable.

Our business model is not predicated on locking you into a proprietary contact database that you can never escape. We believe strongly that your address book data should be portable and usable anywhere. We will always provide you the ability to export or remove your contact data from our systems at any time using industry standard formats.

For more information, you can also view our complete Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. As always, if you have any questions, you can always email me:  bart@fullcontact.com with any questions or concerns.

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