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Segmented Campaigns: The Key to Higher Email Revenue

Written By:
Kelsey Anderson

When it comes to email outreach, one of the most frequently asked questions organizations ask is, how often should I be emailing my contacts? Campaigner set out to answer this and other questions about how to most effectively market to different consumer generations via email. The findings, revealed in their 2017 Generational Marketing Insights Survey, showed some surprising results that may challenge your beliefs as to how different generations of consumers are engaging with brands through email.

“As social media savvy as millennials are, when it comes to brand engagement, email is still the best medium to reach this group,” says Seamas Egan, Associate Director of Revenue Operations, Campaigner.  What’s perhaps most interesting about their findings is that when it comes to Generation X, the data suggests that 27% think receiving emails from brands once a week is ideal.

Regardless of generation, email continues to rank as one of the most preferred digital marketing platforms for brand interaction (44%), and 75% of online shoppers are either somewhat or very likely to open email from brands. “In this day and age, consumers both expect and appreciate email messages from their favorite brands,” says EJ McGowan, General Manager, Campaigner. Even for those consumers who prefer an in-store experience over online shopping (baby boomers 73% and traditionalists 67%), the survey results indicate that they appreciate emails with helpful tips, quick reads, and coupons designed to drive foot traffic.

Increasing Email Engagement

Successful brands know that email is a critical touch point for an exceptional customer journey and serves to keep their brand in front of their buyer so that they come often, buy more and tell others. But the key to a highly profitable campaign is through the segmentation and personalization of these emails.

With the recent addition of FullContact’s open Customer 360 Insights API to the Campaigner Marketplace, you can now create messages that feel personal to the contact. Going well beyond one piece of information on your contact, like their email, FullContact’s powerful API enriches your contact profile to include their demographic, geographic, firmographic, and psychographic data, as well as their brand affinities and interests – better equipping you to provide highly targeted, timely and therefore relevant messages to your customers.

Combined with Campaigner’s “Segment Wizard” your campaigns will provide better results on the metrics that matter, like open and click-through rates, through real-time testing in two quick steps that filter your contacts by such attributes as age, gender, geography, job title, company size, industry, brand affinities and interests, and many others.

“Segmented campaigns perform better. According to the DMA, marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns,” says Egan. “This makes perfect sense: The more relevant the message, the more likely your subscriber is to act on it. Augmenting your data allows for more personalization and more relevant marketing messages.”

Together, Campaigner and FullContact provide the critical 1-2 punch that increases acquisition and retention by verifying email deliverability, enriching the contact’s data profile and by segmenting your email list so that you can deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. All this combined, you’re now communicating with your customers in very specific terms that appeal to their sensibilities.


Campaigner is a robust email marketing solution built by marketers to help small, medium and large businesses strengthen customer relationships and drive sales. Features include professional email campaigns, advanced list management and segmentation tools, and targeted email autoresponders and workflows.

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