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FullContact Twitter Lookup Released

FullContact Twitter Lookup Released

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FullContact provides a wealth of contact information about your users, but up until now the only way to query for that information was to pass our Person Lookup API an email address. This is great when you have an email address for every one of your users, but what if you don’t? Today we’re proud to announce the release of Twitter name lookup for the FullContact API, enabling developers to query for contact information using a Twitter name.

Performing a Twitter Lookup

If you’re already using the FullContact API, performing a Twitter lookup is as easy as passing the Twitter name you’re querying to our V2 Person endpoint using the twitter parameter. If you’re not yet a user, head on over to our API Signup Page to get your free API key (This includes 3000 queries to our V2 person endpoint, a $100 value)*. Once you have your key, you can test the API directly in your browser using the following URL (replace the “xxxx” value for the apiKey parameter with your API key).

This request will return enhanced social contact information for the Twitter name @lorangb. When querying by Twitter name, make sure to only include the alpha-numeric portion of the name (everything after the @ symbol). It’s also possible to pass the Twitter name via the X-TWITTER property of a vCard request.

Response Data

The response will be returned in the same format as the standard email lookup. You can change the response format by replacing .json with .html, .xml, or .vcf. Reference our new FullContact V2 API Docs for example API responses and more detailed instructions.

You can also use our Live API Console to test the new Twitter name lookup from within your browser.

You may notice that for some queries, the response data for an email address search will return a different amount of information than a query for an associated Twitter name. We are working as hard as we can to make sure that the response data is consistent regardless of which parameter you’re using to perform the lookup. Because of this, we recommend defaulting to an email query when an email address is available, to ensure that the most information possible is returned.

More To Come…

Lookup by Twitter name is the first in a series of new lookup parameters we’ll be releasing. Stay tuned to this blog, and follow us on Twitter at @FullContactAPI for the latest announcements. And if you’re not yet a FullContact user, sign up for a free API key, test it out, and let us know what you think!

UPDATE: The pricing and terms of our free API key have changed since this article was published. Please visit our API Pricing page to learn more.

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