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Future of API design

From the Playbook: The Future of API Design

There’s an incredible article this week from the folks over at The Next Web that tackles a difficult subject – The future of API design. Written by Netflix’s Daniel Jacobson, the piece delves into perhaps the deepest of questions for API creators – Who is the primary audience for the API, and how can you optimize for them?

So, all it takes is a couple of devices with diverging needs and/or capabilities, each of great import to the company, for the resource-based API to start to show some warts. Making the API better, more optimized, for each of these target applications is the next logical, and most critical, step.

One of the important parts that Jacobson covers is the fact that the integration of an orchestration layer can perhaps lead to less data purity and API support simplicity in trade for optimizations that are important for the audience. He then delves into some examples, including devices-specific wrappers, as well as query-based and experience-based APIs. In all, it’s a well-written article that covers factors that anyone on the API side of a company will need to understand. Give the article a read, and make sure to share it with your friends.

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