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Get to Know the People Behind the Profile with the FullContact for Marketo Integration

Written By:
Kelsey Anderson

Got Data, But Where’s the Insight?

In today’s marketing landscape, more and more businesses of all sizes–from high tech to financial to healthcare, manufacturing, and education–take advantage of marketing automation to improve every aspect of customer engagement. As more data is collected, businesses can use a platform approach to integrate applications and workflows. Yet the complexity of the digital era can humble even the most dynamic marketer.

The massive amounts of data–from cookies to point-of-purchase to social profiles and more–is maintained in multiple systems, formats, and locations. The typical American home today contains multiple connected devices, with Pew Research reporting a third of Americans live in a household with three or more smartphones alone.

Every new device and channel can add unique IDs. These multiple accounts increase the difficulty for brands to understand people’s interests, behaviors, and purchase preferences because an individual’s data is fragmented.

As a result, marketers can’t cut through the data-deluge to disseminate value that attracts and motivates buyers. Simply bombarding people with emails and display ads isn’t enough. You need to hone your marketing and sales messages with incredible precision. Only then can you reach buyers with the relevant content they want to consume.

What platforms need is better data and not just more tools. And better data is exactly what the Marketo integration promises. You can link together disparate data to paint a complete picture and provide personalized marketing messages, products, services, and experiences overall. And that’s a good thing, since customer expectations have evolved as well.

And over the last decade, consumers experienced content shock from an over-crowded digital landscape where more people receive email, mobile, social, and traditional marketing than ever before. In fact, according to Accenture, 81% of consumers want brands to get to know them and understand when to approach them and when not to.

The result for brands is nightmarish. Companies strain to understand who their buyer is, what they want, and how to deliver it in a manner that’s relevant. Creating these types of personal experiences that drive profitable interaction requires more than a vast array of data, it requires more precise insight into the people behind the profile.


5 Reasons Why This Integration Matters

FullContact works with the Marketo platform to deliver the most accurate, up-to-date, and actionable customer insight for both B2C and B2B brands. You transform lead data into complete profiles to scale your programs while at the same time still building one-to-one relationships. You also gain in-depth knowledge of who are your customers, which improves your outreach and provides rich experiences based on their known interests. Following are just five ways the FullContact integration with Marketo improves marketing.

1. Lead Segmentation

You can target your communication and avoid having to ask for too much information in a generic form field. You get form fields that matter most to your business. You can then identify the priority leads to immediately follow up, as well as, discover new segments within your audience based on unique data points such as product or brand interest, competitive engagement, and lifestyle.

2. Lead scoring

Create rules that automatically increase or decrease a contact’s lead score based on the value of custom field values. For example, if company size or geography are essential attributes of your target consumer, you can automatically set a lead score to be higher if the company size is within their desired range. You empower sales teams to be more efficient by providing leads that align with their target personas.

3. Personalization

Customize content that speaks directly to your audience using 1:1 messaging based on a lifetime of social interaction. You can quickly and efficiently personalize emails using dynamic substitution tags,  as well as, sending your leads personalization tokens to ensure details of the email are as relevant as possible. You attract the right buyers and nurture them with personalized campaigns using known interests and behaviors culled from social profiles.

4. Audience Insights/Influencer Marketing

Use enriched profiles to understand buyers across channels or create lookalike profiles to locate the audience you want to reach. You can also identify influencers within your audience profiles, based on their title and/or twitter followers. Cater to the experiences of influencers and turn them into brand advocates to whom your target audience will listen.

5. Automatic triggers

Make your job easier with instant triggers to your workflows. For example, leads that have followed, engaged, or shared your brand online, can automatically become enrolled in the correct series of campaign actions. Don’t worry about manually scouring data or repeating the same steps with each qualified lead. FullContact enriched data gives you pre-sales insight to set the wheels in motion for a great customer experience.

Better Identification. Better Insight.

The Marketo integration with FullContact does more than just convert partial data into complete profiles.  It provides keen insight to create more meaningful experiences. You use accurate, up-to-date information in all of your marketing activities and deliver the right message when, how, and where your target audience wants it. The result is a rich customer view that ensures you build deeper, more authentic, and more valuable relationships at scale.

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