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Gild uses social data to improve hiring

Gild Gives You an Unfair Advantage in Technical Hiring

One of the most difficult things about building a company is finding the right people to help you realize your goals. While there are loads of resources for technical recruiting, Gild‘s approach is so good that it almost feels like cheating.

It all starts with Gild Source. It’s a dashboard where you can see a wealth of information about prospective hires, including a scoring system to help you identify the right ones for your needs. Source pulls from the usual suspects for technical hiring, gathering data from sites like GitHub, Stack Overflow and Google Code.

But it’s not just about demonstrated ability, it’s also about hiring people who are a fit for your organization. That’s where Gild truly stands out. By pulling in social data from sites like Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, you will have a complete picture of your potential hire before they ever step foot in your office for an interview.

The team has obviously put a lot of thought into the different sections of Gild Source. You can search for candidates by location, job title, skills, companies for which they’ve worked or even the school that they attended. Once you’ve found some great options, you can organize and share your list with your hiring team to get their input.

The integration of a browser plugin, direct emailing and social media profiles are all incredibly powerful tools for making sure that the right person fills that empty desk. With pricing plans that focus on how long you’ll need to use the service rather than how often you’ll use it, the company’s approach is even different here.

We’d love to hear how others are overcoming the challenges of technical recruiting. Have a great idea to share? Drop it in the comments below.

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