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Groove support desk review

Groove HQ is the Customer Support Platform You’ve Been Trying to Find

We get a lot of questions related to customer support here at FullContact. It seems that companies are always trying to find the right solution, and that solution tends to change depending on the size and complexity of the company. But Groove has a different way of doing things, and it appears to be winning over new users regardless of company size.

The interesting thing about Groove comes down to how much (or how little) you integrate with it. If you’re a small company and all you need is a ticketing system, Groove can handle that. As you expand and need to add a knowledge base, live chat and other robust features, Groove can handle all of those as well.

Private notes, single-frame conversation history and social profiles for your customers all combine to create one incredibly powerful tool for customer support. Add in metrics, trends and loads of extra features via apps and you have one incredible customer service platform.

If you’ve been looking for a great customer support platform then Groove definitely needs to be on your radar. We’re big fans of anything that can make life easier while making sure that customers get what they need, and Groove definitely fits that bill. Oh yeah, it’s also hard to beat pricing that is drop-dead simple: $15 per user, per month. Nothing more, nothing less. Well done, Groove.

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