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Hiring is Broken… For Now

Written By:
Matt Hubbard

Those of us who have recently been on the job market know the traditional hiring process is broken. Highly qualified candidates get passed over because of the name on their diploma. Hiring managers at good companies get fatigued sifting through a mountain of electronic applicants. People like this guy get hired:

This guy got the job. Seriously.

FullContact is feeling this pain, too. We just closed our Series B financing round, announced “Paid, PAID Vacation,” and were promptly flooded with over three thousand job applications. We’ve had candidates make unsolicited visits, send cookies and gifts, plead with us from third world countries, and do some weird things I won’t go into here. We have a lot of great candidates, but the signal to noise ratio of the entire process is pretty low.

It’s a nice problem to have, but it’s a giant pain for our hiring managers. It diverts attention away from our core mission of solving the world’s contact information problem. Instead of spending all our time building new things, we’re in temporary hiring mode and wishing there was a better way.

Here on our blog, we like to feature different interesting cloud products and possible use cases for our API.  Today we break down how two new startups, Gild (a FullContact customer) and Take the Interview, are trying to reinvent hiring.

Gild takes on hiring

Gild just finished their beta program a month ago and launched three products publicly.

Here’s how they work:

Gild Source pulls developer code from open source repositories and evaluates quality and knowledge. Each developer is ranked and given a score independent of their resume or experience. The potential of this tool is enormous: cut through all the B.S. of resumes and networking in favor of an objective metric for competence.

Gild Arena lets you create event-specific quizzes, in order to get competitive assessments and social insights on event attendees. For employers with existing application pools, Gild Spark tool allows employers to quickly sift through existing applications and sort candidates by Source score. So you can find and hire this guy instead:

Hire a real genius.

However, the problem isn’t just identifying qualified candidates. Companies need to recruit and vet candidates in a way that reflects changing realities. Gild noticed employers were paying a lot of attention to prospective engagement and asking, “What is this candidate really like?” He might be a genius, but does he act like this?

The guy you don't want to hire

Employers needed better “social intelligence” on candidates. That’s where our API comes in. We help Gild obtain publicly available social profile URLs on candidates, so prospective employers can get to know and communicate with them. We were also flattered to hear that Gild uses our large list of social profile sources as a selling point for their customers. For a good candidate, it’s not enough just to find their Twitter handle – you need to review other sources like GitHub and StackOverflow.

We’re excited about what Gild has in store for hiring. It’s about time someone made the process more meritocratic and personalized.

Take The Interview reinvents the interview process

Take the Interview partially automates the initial interview process. After you create a job posting, you can select a list of well-crafted interview questions (or write your own) and send a URL to candidates via email. You can also embed it in the job posting. Using Take the Interview, your candidates respond to the interview questions via recorded webcam. Candidates can’t see the job questions ahead of time, so it’s like an automated interview. Hiring managers can then filter, review, and rate each candidate at their leisure.

The benefit is that, not only can multiple hiring managers or employees review the same interview, but managers aren’t forced by social protocol to continue an interview that isn’t going well, like these:

Automated interviews might seem less personalized, yet there are benefits to the applicants as well.  Since you can interview more people, candidates have a better shot at getting in front of you.  It also allows them to answer questions in a comfortable setting, without the pressure of reading the interviewer’s body language or other annoying facets of interviewing.  They can also take the interview on their own schedule, rather than making up an excuse to leave their current job for a few hours.

We’re excited to see how these tools progress.  Check out Gild and Take the Interview to improve your hiring, and check out our API to see how we can bring social intelligence to your product.

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