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Honeybadger gets website info

Honeybadger Finds Deep Data About the Website You’re Visiting

This week’s Two-Minute Drill is a bit of a one-trick pony, but it’s one of those “handy when you need it” type tools. It’s called Honeybadger and it’s a quick way to find out information about a website that you’re currently visiting.

What is Honeybadger?

Honeybadger is a Chrome extension that sits up next to your address bar. Sorry Safari and Firefox users, you’re out of luck for now. When you want to find out more about a site that you’re visiting, just click the icon and you’ll get a little dropdown window that can house a wealth of information.

You’ll note that I said can. That’s because the information has to be publicly available in order for Honeybadger to find it. If that information is public, however, Honeybadger offers a lot of insight in very little space. You’ll find things like traffic data, company information, technology stack, social media accounts and more.

The Caveats of Data

The unfortunate side effect of Honeybadger’s results is that they’re only going to be as good as their data sources. For instance, the extension relies on Quantcast and Alexa for traffic information. The problem is that Quantcast and Alexa are inaccurate, as has been proven time and again through first-hand accounts.

Likewise, the algorithm that finds “similar sites” seems to be a bit simplistic right now. Though it does make the connection between FullContact and Cobook (the company that we acquired earlier this year), it then appears to default to name and keyword matching. As such, it shows that we are similar to an advertising company as well as Google.

The technology data seems to be pretty accurate, likely because of the signatures left behind from the services that are in use. Similarly, information about our funding, board members and other company data is accurate. However, that’s because it’s pulling from Crunchbase, which we update regularly.

All in all, it’s a useful tool for prospecting sales teams, VCs or founders doing competitive analysis. Automating the tedious tasks of finding information about a company is a welcome thing. It does a good job of finding what’s available, and the onus of making sure that available information is correct doesn’t really fall onto Honeybadger.

Image: Thos Ballantyne via Flickr

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