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How FullContact Solves the Lead Management Conundrum

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Pamela Herrmann

3 Steps to Higher Conversions

In a world where your contacts are a mere click away, lead management is the new marketing. Yet research shows the vast majority of trade show and networking leads are never followed up with. If the purpose of attending an event is to gather leads that can be converted into future sales, shouldn’t your lead management process be top of mind?

Here’s what top networkers know about lead management that results in higher conversions:

  1. You must leverage technology designed to make connecting with contacts online easier.
  2. You must implement a ‘next level’ relationship plan with your contacts post-event.

So you’ve just returned back to your office from an event with a stack of business cards; now what?

“Paper leads can be the most detailed and highest quality leads. But they are also the most labor intensive to record and get into electronic form.”

Matthew Hill, President, The Hill Group

Since most of us live in a world of imperfect processes, here are 3 simplified steps for turning your leads into relationships:

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“Every manual step involved in processing a lead substantially decreases the odds of that lead being followed up on.”

Andy Paul, author of ‘Zero-Time Selling’

To save time, leverage technology to convert paper leads into electronic form. Here’s a better idea: Let FullContact’s mobile app do the heavy lifting! By snapping a picture of the business card, a person from FullContact will create a new contact for you that is tagged and ready for your next critical steps of sorting and connecting. No more wasted time grinding to enter data fields; it’s all done for you.

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Building rapport that leads to relationships is easy when you find commonalities, and that’s exactly what FullContact’s app allows you to do. FullContact aggregates everything about your contact that is floating around the Internet, like photos, job titles, and social profiles. We also offer basic demographics like age, gender, interests, and occupation, and summarize it so that you now have a complete record for your contact.

No more searching for your contacts on LinkedIn or Twitter; FullContact pulls all that information together for you so that you have one place to go. In addition, FullContact makes it easy for you to find contacts in your digital address book that are missing various details, like phone numbers, email addresses or last names.

With this additional information, you can now:

  • Sort your lead by product/service
  • Tag them (by event, title, location, product, anything you want)
  • Add notes
  • Connect to them on social networks

Your contact’s up-to-date profile information is now ready to be integrated into your email marketing platform or CRM, so you can better prioritize and personalize your follow-up. This is the key to staying top of mind in the eye in your new contact.

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“Follow up strategically, not evenly.”

Sabrina Risely, Founder, CERTUS Professional Network

If you don’t know how to value your contact, then you could be wasting time and money.

Not all leads are created equal. How much time, and the type of outreach you’re allocating to your contact is dependent on how hot of a lead it is. That’s why step 2 is so critical to lead management, and time management. Now you can set reminders for follow up and effectively stand out by engaging with them in the following ways:

  • Send articles based on something you talked about
  • Ask how you can best support their work
  • Ask them who a good prospect is for their business, as you’re always meeting new people
  • Know their influence level in the social networks and leverage it to find more buyers just like them
  • Engage with their content by giving the gift of a like, comment, or share


Every conversation that leads to the exchange of a business card is like money on the table waiting to be picked up and put in your pocket. So mine the real gold in your new relationship by organizing your leads and gain greater insights about them so that you can build deeper relationships with them.

It’s simple to get started! Download the app today and upload 10 business cards for free. You’ll see how FullContact fills in the blanks on their social profile so that you can improve, enhance and personalize your communication with them. Get started today!

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