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Using Contact Data for Marketing

How Marketers Can Use Contact Data to Their Advantage

If you're a marketer, you probably don't think too much about contact management. But if you want to get a better return on your marketing efforts, it’s important to not only collect, but actually use contact data. By utilizing the power of contact management within your marketing automation, social media or CRM software, you can collect extremely in-depth customer insights and put those insights to work to improve your marketing campaigns.

Below we showcase five different ways you can use the contact data you’ve collected in the course of marketing to improve your marketing campaigns and your engagement with prospects and customers.

1. Produce tailored and relevant content

product relevant content

Are you creating content based on what you think your customers want to hear? To build a content strategy that's tied to more relevant interests, you should use your existing contact data to create content that speaks to them specifically.

For example, when trying to think of topics for your next blog post or email campaign, focus on a customer-type that you’ve uncovered from your contact data rather than trying to speak to everyone in one general post or mass email.

2. Use contact data to segment your core audience

Marketing automation systems are great at helping you segment your audience, but it takes time for your systems to learn about people's wants and needs if you're relying on clicks and visits to determine interests. Instead of waiting for a certain type of activity to trigger a relevant response, use contact data to create segments in advance so you can customize your marketing content before people click or visit.

For example, you can match the emails in your database to social profiles in order to segment your newest prospects and customers into groups by gender, social interests, job titles, or geography. That way, you can create a marketing experience designed to each group's known characteristics.

3. Determine the best time to contact a prospect

determine best time to contact prospects

If you do business online, chances are you have prospects and customers all over the globe. By utilizing geography from your contact data, you can determine the best time to email or show advertising to your audience.

Grouping prospects and customers by time zone and testing different contact times can help you discover the ideal time to message each segment of your audience and when people will be more receptive to social outreach or chatting with a sales rep. You can also plan communications, like sending newsletters, around these times to increase responses and conversions.

4. Stop emailing the wrong audience

Most email lists are full of emails, first names, and little else. How can you know if someone on your email list is a good prospect? Matching your email list to social profiles can help you identify how many of your email subscribers are part of your target audience so you can avoid sending messages to them or exclude them from your expected response rates. For example, a business that primarily sells to men can match emails to gender shared through social profiles and exclude women from their emails or choose different messages for the women on the list. This will help you to focus your messaging on subscribers who value your offerings the most.

5. Personalize more points of contact

personalize your marketing

People respond better to personalized messages. Contact data can help you personalize more of your messages by pulling in first names, key words, and favorite social networks.

Collecting in-depth contact data can be very valuable for your marketing campaigns. By building your contact information database, you'll have a wealth of information to custom-tailor many aspects of communication between you and your customer.

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