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How to export your LinkedIn contacts

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts

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This week’s FullContact 2-Minute Drill focuses on how to export LinkedIn contacts.

When you export your LinkedIn contacts, you can do a lot – from statistical analysis to segmenting them to importing them into a CRM or contact management app, there’s a world of possibilities.

But it all starts with backing up your connections from LinkedIn:

If you want to get the most out of your LinkedIn contacts, there you have it.

Video Transcript: How to Export LinkedIn Contacts

Hey, everyone! Thanks for checking out the 2 Minute Drill.

This week I’m going to show you a quick tip on how to export your LinkedIn contacts. A couple of reasons you might want to do this:

A) You might want to back up your LinkedIn contacts.
B) You can pull them into a spreadsheet and do some cool analytical tricks with them, and
C) if you ever want to move those contacts to a different system – such as FullContact or any other system.

Real quick: to show you how to do that, on my homepage here, you’re going to go to Contacts and go to Connections. It will load all of your connections, and in this third panel over you’re going to scroll down and there’s a button called Export Connections. It’s a little bit hidden.

Once you click it it gives you a few different options on how to export that data – whether that’s a vCard or CSV – so I’ll choose a CSV for the purposes of this. And just like that, my LinkedIn connections were successfully exported.

So now when I want to upload those into the FullContact Address Book, I just come here into FullContact, add a list – we’re going to pretend I already did it – and upload from CSV. And it adds this new social address book for LinkedIn. All of my LinkedIn contacts are now stored within the FullContact Address Book.

So that is how you export your LinkedIn Contacts – from there you can do with them what you will.

Thanks for checking out the Two-Minute Drill. We’ll see you next week.

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