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how to export your twitter followers to a CSV

Two Minute Drill – Export Your Twitter Followers

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This week’s FullContact 2-Minute Drill focuses on how to export Twitter followers.

So you have a ton of contacts you interact with via Twitter. But how do you actually make sense of them outside of Twitter? There’s no native way to export Twitter followers from within Twitter…so we found a simple, quick solution to download Twitter followers to a CSV.

Since the CSV includes public items like first name, last name, location, and more, once you’ve downloaded your Twitter followers you can do a whole lot with them.

If you normalize their addresses, you can do location analysis on your followers to see where most of them are concentrated. You can also add them to your address book and upload them into our FullContact Address Book, where you can use the Merge & Cleanse features to add Twitter handles to your contacts (and create new contacts from those Twitter followers who don’t yet exist in your address book).

But it all starts with exporting your Twitter followers. Here’s how to do it:

There you have it. If you want to export your contacts from Twitter, that’s the easiest way we’ve found to make it happen.

Video Transcript: How to Export Your Twitter Followers

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out the 2-Minute Drill.

This week we are at a site called SocialBro.com, and I am currently logged in. We’re actually not going to be looking at the platform as a whole, but they have a feature that I wanted to point out.

Last week I showed you how to export your LinkedIn contacts. LinkedIn, thankfully, makes it super easy to do. However, when I started researching how to export your Twitter contacts, I found that Twitter does *not* make that very easy to do. You have to essentially tie into their API and pull the data into a spreadsheet.

In researching how to do this, I came across SocialBro, which actually has a feature to export Twitter followers for you. I have an account and I am logged in with my Twitter right now.

This is basically my dashboard. If I click on my followers and I go down here you’ll see a “click to see more options,” and you’ll see they offer an Excel export as well as a PDF export. I am going to click “PDF export” solely for the fact that that’s going to be a little bit more visually appealing than a spreadsheet will be to you. You’ll see I have actually already done this, and it’s exported all of this data into a PDF for me – my followers’ avatars, their handles, full names, location, followers, friends, all that stuff.

You can imagine, obviously, that if this is pulled into a spreadsheet you can do all sorts of good things with it like analyze by who are your most influential followers. You can organize by location, how many people are in this city, so on and so forth. Pretty cool little tool. You could also use that data to upload into an address book such as the FullContact Address Book, or into your contacts elsewhere.

So that is SocialBro. That’s just one of the features. I will probably do a larger kind of overview of their platform sometime in the future. But I wanted you guys to check that out first: that is how you export your Twitter followers.

Thanks for checking out the 2-Minute Drill, and we will see you next week.

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