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How Will Facebook’s Changes Impact FullContact?

We know that you love using FullContact to get a complete picture of the people in your address book. We wanted to let you know that on April 30th of 2015, Facebook will be restricting what you see about other Facebook users in applications like FullContact.

Here’s how it will impact your address book:

  • You will only see Facebook information about your contacts who also use FullContact.
  • For those users, you will still get their name, picture, location, employer, etc., if they choose to share that information.
  • You will still get a link to their Facebook profile, but Facebook will no longer show their username.

What this means for you – Between now and April 30th, if you have not yet connected your Facebook account to your FullContact account, it would be a good idea to do so. Connecting prior to April 30th will allow us to add all of your Facebook contacts to your FullContact address book.

After May 1st, you’ll notice that Facebook won’t allow us to tell you as much about your contacts. You won’t lose the information that you already have, but new information on new contacts will be limited.

For many companies who operate in the world of social, changes like this can present a big problem. For us, we see it as an opportunity. Rather than focusing on what Facebook is taking away from you, we’re aiming our sights on what we can do to keep you fully connected. Keep your eyes open for updates from the FullContact team.

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