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Snapengage adds FullContact Social Data

If You’re Not Using SnapEngage, You Should Be

Written By:
Bart Lorang

SnapEngage, a TechStars company, makes an amazing product. At FullContact, we use it every day to engage with website visitors, provide support and turn website visitors into customers. Recently we got together with Jerome Breche, CEO of SnapEngage, to build an integration with FullContact.

The results are pretty awesome.

But first, a little background. SnapEngage provides a simple widget you can place on your website. This enables you to engage visitors in live chat — either on demand or after they’ve visited certain pages on your website. After that, you can have the live chat session automatically logged to Salesforce, Assistly, ZenDesk, Highrise, Basecamp or any number of third party apps.

So, let’s take a look at how we’ve integrated FullContact with SnapEngage.

Here’s a screenshot of a SnapEngage live chat session on FullContact.com:

And here is how it looks to the operator (in this case, Travis).

Finally, here is what the Salesforce Lead record looks like, including FullContact and SnapEngage integration.

As you can see, this capability is very powerful. SnapEngage with FullContact integration allows you to engage your customers in a much more meaningful, contextual fashion. Using the built-in-integrations with Salesforce, you can then track the entire history of the conversation right inside of Salesforce.

To get started, pop over to SnapEngage.com and get your free trial account. Then, simply, grab a FullContact API key and start turning website visitors into customers!

If you have any questions about how to setup SnapEnage or FullContact, email us support@fullcontact.com

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