KarmaCRM relationship management app review

KarmaCRM is the Easiest CRM You’ll Ever Use: 2-Minute Drill

One of the hardest things about picking a CRM system for your company is finding something that speaks your language. Is that person a lead, a customer or just a contact? Will that note that you made on them translate into something useful later on? How much time will you actually save if you use it? The guys from KarmaCRM felt those pains, and so they created an application with simplicity at its core.

CEO John-Paul Narowski tells me that KarmaCRM began as an internal answer to problems that they were having as a team. With everyone using sticky notes and wasting time on repetitive tasks, the idea was pretty simple – make KarmaCRM enjoyable to use and make sure that it solves problems.

KarmaCRM Features

The most interesting feature to me is how KarmaCRM handles repeating tasks. By allowing you to set up a template, the system will automatically produce tasks based upon other actions. For instance, once a sales has been made, it can schedule a follow-up call and ensure that a contract gets mailed.

The template theme continues with records, which should help to standardize language and practice across your organization. Of course, KarmaCRM also handles email templates which you can even choose to send in bulk.

Reminders via SMS or email and bulk updating of contact data round out the features. Oh, and you’ll find FullContact data inside of those updates, pulling from over 120 different sources.

What’s it Cost?

KarmaCRM, like most systems, has tiered pricing after a free trial. Pricing starts at a mere $20 per month, moving up to $140 per month for the “premiere” package that features unlimited deals, 150 users and 40,000 contacts.

KarmaCRM is probably the most simple system that I’ve seen yet, but it has the most important features for the majority of users. If you’ve been in the market, or if you’ve just been considering a move, give KarmaCRM a run.

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