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KiteDesk: Add Social Data and CRM Automation to Your Sales Process

One of the biggest barriers to CRM use in any company is getting people to actually keep it updated. KiteDesk has an innovative answer to the problem, and it can help you to close more sales in in the process. By pulling in social profile information from the websites you’re already using, KiteDesk gives you a more complete picture of your contacts and then uses its CRM automation to import that data directly into Salesforce.

While the automation aspect is pretty huge, what really catches my eye is the relationship measurement that KiteDesk can provide from right inside your email. For instance, Gmail users can quickly see who in their network is best suited to provide an introduction to someone else. Once a search is done, that person can then be added to Salesforce as a lead.

KiteDesk offers a feature-rich free plan so you can get a feel for how it works for you, but then it’s a mere $25 or $50 per month for additional services such as lead hotsheets or Microsoft Exchange integration. All in all, it’s a great way to add more power to your sales approach by integrating social data in a manner that just makes sense.

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