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Launching a CRM? Read This First.

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The Salesforce blog has a great post today about six things that you need to do in order to achieve success with your CRM. Though there are a couple of things we’d add to the list –

Cover All Bases

We use a combination of traditional CRM systems with not-so-standard things like SnapEngage for live chat and Grasshopper for turning voicemails into shared emails. CRM is customer relationship management. If you’re not listening when your customer is talking, you won’t have a relationship to manage.

Know Your Customers

There’s nothing quite like finding out that your product is needed by needing your own product. Our Person API and Disposable Email API are perfect examples of that. We needed to know whether emails that were being submitted were single-use trash or real ways of communication, and we needed to know more about our customers. Combine our suite of APIs into a single interface and you have our forthcoming Address Book product. Not signed up? Get yourself into the beta.

Cover all bases and know your customers. Nothing else will have a greater impact on your ability to call your CRM a success.

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