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Let’s Get Honest About Uptime – FullContact Edition

Written By:
Bart Lorang

Today David at 37Signals wrote a nice post about uptime. Forkly then followed suit with their own stats. I love this trend and hope it continues.

I liked David’s point about downtime: it doesn’t matter to customers whether the downtime was “scheduled” or “unscheduled” — just that it’s down. Thus, cloud software providers should be measured by total downtime and not a metric engineered to get providers off the hook for SLA compliance.

I’ve always believed in transparency about uptime. Recently we experienced some significant downtime, which resulted in this post by our CTO about his desire for a chaos monkey.

In an effort to be transparent about our operations, we launched status.fullcontact.com a several months ago and wrote about it here.

Unfortunately, I’m disappointed in our results. Our API was only up 99.84% of the time (about 6 hours of downtime) since August 16th, 2011. During that time, we also deployed over 400 automated builds to production (or about 4 per day). We will strive to do better in 2012.

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