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Meeting Hero Review

Meeting Hero is the Online Meeting App You’ve Been Wanting

On any given week, I’m sitting in a number of “virtual” meetings. While Skype and Google Hangouts are both decent options, what I’ve seen from Meeting Hero looks like the product that I’ve been waiting for.

What Is Meeting Hero?

Meeting Hero answers one of my biggest complaints about virtual meeting software – it works pretty much anywhere, since it’s web based. But more than that, it also lets you take meeting notes right inside the event so you don’t have to bounce back and forth between applications. When the meeting is finished, a summary will be provided so you can share it with people who missed it.

Meeting Hero breaks down notes into different topics, so that  you can make sure that you’re addressing what needs to be handled. Action Items, Decisions, Discussion Topics and Open Issues sections are all provided to help clarify what’s merely important and what’s truly urgent.

The Alternatives

There are a lot of other options out there for meetings. One of my favorites for the past few years has been MeetingBurner. The company’s focus on “just enough frills” has placed it firmly at the top of my list.

Join.me is another great option for web-based meetings, though it does require specific applications for us via mobile.

If you’re looking for feature packed, Fuze is the way to go. Again, it requires dedicated apps, but its ability to do multiple HD video streams, content sharing and annotation that can be done by anyone in the event.

Making the most of the time that you have is important to all of us. While meetings aren’t high on anyone’s list of favorite things, the least that we can do is make them less painful and more productive.

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