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mobileday conference call app review

A Review of MobileDay, A Conference Call App for iPhone & Android

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This week’s 2-Minute Drill focuses on MobileDay – an awesome conference call app for your iPhone or Android phone.

MobileDay is a slick, easy way to manage conference calls. Its killer feature (& the reason we use it every day) is its ability to tie directly into your Google Calendar and pull in all your calls from your calendar data. When you’re ready to take a call, you can use MobileDay to dial into your conference call with one touch – no more remembering GotoMeeting access codes and different phone numbers.

Overall, we think MobileDay is a lifesaver for any sales of business professional who finds themselves taking more than one conference call a week. Definitely worth checking it out:

Want more info? Head over to MobileDay and give it a try.

Video Transcript: MobileDay Conference Call App Review

Hey, everyone! Thanks for checking out this week’s Two-Minute Drill.

This week we are talking about a company actually down the road in Boulder called MobileDay. If you watched last week, or two weeks ago, we chatted about Voxeet; which is a conference call app. MobileDay is actually another conference call app with some different benefits.

I genuinely use this every single day for every single call and it literally saves my life in a lot of scenarios. They actually have a really great video demo on their site. It’s going to be better than I can pitch to you, so I encourage you to go over to MobileDay.com and check it out.

It’s a free app on the iPhone store and Google store. It’s pretty simple. It basically ties into your calendars and it will pull any of your upcoming calls into their application, and you can one touch dial into it.

So, like, for me, I use GoToMeeting all the time. Obviously, one of the worst things about GoToMeeting is there’s pins and access codes and the number’s different every time, and it’s all crazy. Super frustrating experience when you’re writing down numbers, and all that.

With MobileDay, literally you press the talk button. It dials you in. It puts in the pin number, and you’re in the conference call, so it’s pretty amazing. It works with – I believe – a whole bunch of different services, like Skype, and other conference call applications.

So, pretty great. I recommend it. It’s a lifesaver if you are dialing into a whole bunch of conference calls with different numbers and stuff.

MobileDay.com: that is this week’s Two-Minute Drill. Thanks for checking it out, and we will see you next week.

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