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FullContact API now has HTML response with Custom CSS

An HTML Endpoint That Doesn't Suck… and Custom CSS

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Today we’re exited to announce the release of some awesome updates to our Person.html endpoint. We’ve redesigned the default HTML response template and added support for custom stylesheets. Not only does the default HTML response look way better (thanks Chris), you can now customize the styling to your heart’s content.

The Person.html endpoint is extremely useful and can save developers a ton of time. If you’re working with raw XML or JSON you have to parse the data, render the markup, and write the CSS yourself. For certain apps where you’ll simply be displaying FullContact data, you can call the HTML endpoint instead of the XML or JSON endpoints, and we’ll return fully marked-up and styled HTML and CSS. You can even embed this response directly within an iFrame.

We’ve completely redesigned the layout and styling for the default HTML response. Now when you call Person.html, you’ll receive something much nicer. We’ve designed a very simple, business card like layout that incorporates rounded corners, a subtle drop shadow, the primary avatar photo in the top left, contact information, and graphical links to every social network associated with the person.

We’ve also added support for custom CSS files so you can override our default CSS styles with your own stylesheet. To take advantage of this new feature, add the css parameter to your API query string with a reference to the URL your stylesheet is hosted at.


For help developing your custom stylesheet, download the Person.html stylesheet template. This includes the default stylesheet used by FullContact, a sample Person.html file and a template stylesheet for your custom styles. You can also reference the Parameters section of the Person API Documentation for more information.

I hope you all enjoy these improvements, and if you’re not yet using the Person HTML endpoint, test it out and let us know what you think. If you don’t yet have a FullContact API key, signup for a free account to get started today!

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