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OutboundEngine Marketing Automation

OutboundEngine: Marketing Automation Redefined and on Steroids

It’s somewhat universally-agreed that marketing is a multi-faceted art form. Email, social media, content, and of course direct response are all tools that the best companies are implementing in order to provide a great experience for their customers.

But keeping up with all of these channels often requires multiple tools and can be a bane to productivity. OutboundEngine appears to solve the heartache.

What is OutboundEngine?

The short version of the story would be to say that OutboundEngine is a marketing platform combined with a services company that focuses heavily on reducing your marketing pain points. The longer version is important though, because OutboundEngine packs more tools into one place than just about anything we’ve seen.

OutboundEngine handles email marketing campaigns and social media updates, as you’d expect. But where it really rises above the competition is in the fact that the company employs a full team of professional content crafters who can create relevant, engaging content for your site, your email and your social media accounts.

It’s not just blog content, though. OutboundEngine can also handle your social media content creation and then distribute that content where it makes the most sense. Oh, and that email marketing? They’ll take care of the heavy lifting there too. From content to design, OutboundEngine handles every step and includes analytics so that you can see who’s seen your email.

The hybrid nature of OutboundEngine is gutsy, and impressive. We typically see great platforms where you can keep in touch with customers, or we see content crafters who can provide you with the right words. But rarely have we ever seen a company that does both.

We all know how important it is to implement marketing plans that can reach your customers no matter where they are. But doing so is a much more difficult task than talking about it. With tools like OutboundEngine, the idea of marketing automation is taking on an entirely new definition.

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