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Owletter Keeps Tabs on Your Competition’s Email Marketing

Let’s start off by killing the idea that email marketing is dead. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Changes to how many providers handle emails have forced marketers to become more genuine and to work harder, but all that’s happened is that the bar has been raised. With that in mind, keeping an eye on what your competition is doing in their email marketing is more important than ever before. Owletter is a nifty tool, helping you to do just that.

What is Owletter?

Chances are that you’ve already signed up to the email list of your competitors. But how much time do you really spend paying attention to them? After all, you’re not really their customer so it’s unlikely that you’re being drawn in to the content as much as their customers are. Instead of letting those emails go to waste in some folder, Owletter gathers them and lets you view them in bulk anytime you want.

The idea is pretty simple – If you’re paying attention to your competitors, you can gain insight on their design changes and the trends that they’re capitalizing on. While it’s certainly easy enough to filter all of those emails to a folder, that can get cluttered very fast and become overwhelming. Storing those emails in a third-party service like Owletter allows better organization (and longer term storage).

How Much Is It?

The free plan for Owletter will let you monitor up to three competitors and store the emails for three months from the time that they are sent to your Owletter address. Longer storage times and the ability to track more competitors starts at $4 per month, with the ability to trial any paid plan for free for 30 days.

Sometimes being great at something just isn’t enough. Making sure that you’re keeping an eye on your competition can mean the difference between success and overwhelming success. Having the right information in the right place at the right time can make all the difference in the world.

Image: Daniel Borman via Flickr

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