From the FullContact Playbook – Is Controversy the Next Big Thing in Marketing?

Each week, we gather the greatest things that we’ve read and compile them into the FullContact Weekly Playbook. On Friday’s we wanted to take one of these stories and feature it on our blog as well. This week, we dive into a question from Sensei Marketing, about courting controversy. Could a scandal really produce positive, actionable results for a company?

“After a few moments of bewilderment, I laughed and shrugged off the question as sarcastic commentary on recent events. Then I realized it was a serious question. Frankly, I was unsure how to respond. My gut yelled “No!” but the debater in me said, “Hold up, wait a minute. Why not?”

It’s one of those tough questions that everyone in business has to ask themselves at some point. Nobody’s personal or professional life is perfect, so do you try to capitalize upon mistakes, or do you simply hope that the PR nightmare will pass you by?

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