The 3 things you should never say as a leader

From the Playbook – Want to Be a Great Leader? Mind Your Words

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This week, there’s an incredible article in Inc. that will only take you about 90 seconds to read. It talks about three things that a great leader should never say, and it’s especially poignant because chances are that you’ve said at least one of them in the past. For example:

“Don’t take it personally.”

Really? You’re talking to, let me check…yes, a person, about them, their work, their livelihood, their ideas, their sense of competence, their choices, their discretionary effort, their life’s work, and you’re telling them not to take it personally?

It’s far too easy to use simple phrases that are meant one way, yet they come off as something completely different…and perhaps offensive. Whether it’s the language that you use to your co-workers, or the wording that you choose to implement into your application, minding your words is one of those lifehack-style tips for helping to assure success.

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