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From the Playbook – 3 Skills Entrepreneurs Need

There’s an interesting conundrum about those people who want to be entrepreneurs – They need skills that you simply can’t learn. You’re either born with them, or you’ll go through life wondering why you weren’t. This week, there’s an article in FullStart that talks about these essentials and perhaps can strike a bit of hope for those who haven’t yet found them.

Not every entrepreneur will be successful, but the possibility of failure doesn’t mean you should shy away from trying something new. In the end, you’ll either come out a successful entrepreneur or you’ll be wiser from the experience.

For us at FullContact, these words ring incredibly true. We’re dedicated extraordinarily passionate about what we’re doing, we’re motivated by the words that we hear from our customers and even though we may fail, we’re persistent enough to always keep shipping.

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Image Credit: Next TwentyEight via Flickr

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