Partnering With Cintell to Help You Build a Better Understanding of Your Customers

Written By:
Kelsey Anderson

In the modern consumer-era marketplace, businesses have a tremendous challenge trying to capture attention and earn trust. The average person gets bombarded with more than 4,000 marketing messages delivered daily. But despite the enormous opportunities of automation, mobile connectivity, and big data, businesses struggle with understanding how to identify and target the right leads, then supply relevant experiences to turn them into customers. This, in part, is due to the enormous volume of data fragments and complete data residing in business databases and information systems.

Moreover, by 2020, consumer needs will continue to change. Customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator. For high-growth, forward-thinking organizations looking to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, building better relationships through customer intelligence provides the competitive advantage needed.

That’s why FullContact and Cintell have partnered to help companies complete the data puzzle and build better personas that spur richer consumer relationships. From individual entrepreneurs to midsize and large enterprises, users will be able to deliver their buyers hyper-personalized value using more accurate, up-to-date, and complete data. Through the Cintell and FullContact integration, users will build more precise personas to increase targeting and segmentation efforts. By taking advantage of data enrichment and high-quality identity resolution, users have better linkage and analysis of social data for prospects, companies, customers, and social followers. Businesses taking advantage of the FullContact, Cintell integration will gain a greater understanding of target audiences interested in their products through important identity and affinity data.

“FullContact’s 360 degree approach to customer and company insights fits perfectly with our mission and vision.” says Terry Suppers, Chief Customer Officer, Cintell. “This provides our customers an unfair advantage in navigating & engaging various personas within a buying committee, and speeding up the sales process. We are excited to partner with FullContact to bring this unique offering to market.”

Organizations can take advantage of this partnership to create custom content around personas that drives interest from the top of funnel through to conversion. The customer-intelligence and consumer-centric experiences will help build quality leads, target the right opportunities, remove imprecise contacts, shorten sales cycles, and create more customers.

Cintell’s powerful persona-based marketing platform helps B2B organizations leverage the investment made in buyer personas to build more targeted campaigns, develop more relevant content and messaging, drive more qualified leads, and enable sales to communicate more effectively with prospects and customers. Users compile a rich customer knowledge base in the cloud that is full of details such as buying habits, motivations, challenges, preferences, and more. Free your personas from static & abandoned PDFs. Breathe life into customer personas by integrating with existing tools such as marketing automation or CRM, and make truly customer-centric decisions.

As the leader in identity resolution, FullContact helps companies make relationships better. FullContact engineered its world-class Human to Human platform to seamlessly match email addresses to social profiles, turning partial customer data into full contact information. FullContact helps companies gain a clearer view of customers and prospects to create personalized experiences, build better relationships and improve marketing ROI and product investments. FullContact’s patented technology provides the most current and accurate data about people and companies. The patented FullContact Identity Graph leverages more than one billion people profiles and millions of company profiles to enrich data. Make full use of complete personal data that includes Work History, Education, Current Location, Social Media Handles, topics of interest, and more. Also, take advantage of company data including employee counts, address, company history, and social handles.

“Cintell is a leader in helping organizations get the most out of their buyer personas, and we see our partnership as an exceptional opportunity,” says Scott Axell, VP, FullContact. “We want to empower customers with actionable insight, gleaned from these personas, to build better relationships and drive results.”

The value of Cintell and FullContact partnership resides in the integration of FullContact’s human-to-human platform with Cintell’s SaaS persona platform that helps businesses to understand their buyers. It addresses the problem of understanding what the right customer looks like, their interests and affinities, and how to best communicate to them in the right place at the right time and in the right channel.

Organizations can take advantage of this new integration to better use social data to build  more actionable buyer personas and improve customer insights for the sales and marketing teams.By using identity resolution, linking email addresses to social records and building enriched profiles that more accurately describe people, companies can hone their personas to the highest point of fidelity. The result is increased ROI through insightful customer understanding and relationship building.

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