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PowerInbox Review

Boost Your Email Productivity with PowerInbox

I’m always on the lookout for tools that make my inbox more meaningful. A few years ago I ran across a tool called PowerInbox, and they’ve just launched a new feature that makes it well worth another look.

What’s PowerInbox?

PowerInbox has three big selling points – Sender verification, a social sidebar and a piece called PowerEmails. Sender verification is pretty slick, displaying icons for known senders such as LinkedIn, Facebook and more. The social sidebar allows you to view and interact with your social streams without having to leave your email. The PowerEmails feature is probably the biggest feature though, as it allows you  to interact with external sites directly from your email.

As you can see in the image above, a new follower notification from Twitter will now allow you to tweet to that person directly from the email. A LinkedIn notification will let you approve or deny a connection request, or connect to others you might know. New photos on Facebook let you like and comment. The idea is that instead of bouncing back and forth, you can get more done inside of  your email and get through it faster.

Get Rid of Email Spam

The newest feature of PowerInbox is probably my favorite – The ability to unsubscribe directly from the message list. Not only does it save you a click, it also keeps remote images from displaying which prevents a sender from knowing whether or not you’ve opened that unwanted email.

But it’s not just spam. Any email that contains and unsubscribe link will have that option displayed in the message list. So the next time that you regret that 4am signup to a co-ed basket weaving discussion board, it will be short-lived.

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Image Credit: hyperdashery via Flickr

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