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9 Product Managers You Should Follow On Twitter

One thing is for sure – we wouldn’t be able to build the products and features that we do if it weren’t for the input of product managers across different industries.

While there’s no shortage of lists of great product managers to follow, our spin is going to be a little bit different. It won’t have 150 people and it won’t be voted on by a large group. What it will be is an ever-growing list from verifiably incredible people who get shit done. Have one that we should add? Hit up the comments.

So without further ado, here is the FullContact Living List of Product Managers. Oh, and if you want to save a little time, you can just follow this Twitter list after you skim the blog post.

Hunter Walk

Hunter’s combination of “aw shucks” truisms and genuine insight on investments and business ideas all add up to a great account to follow whether you’re just looking for product management, or more inclined toward business in general.

On the product front, his shared experiences are invaluable. He’s worked on huge projects like YouTube and Second Life, and has the lessons to show from them.

Chris Dixon

Chris is not only a prolific tweeter, covering a wide range of interesting topics, he’s also quite the blogger.

His site at contains posts that largely read like an accelerated comments thread. By taking small pieces of a discussion and adding more context to them, Chris continues to drive conversations far beyond his Twitter profile.

Dustin Curtis

Dustin is one polarizing individual. But love him or hate him, his insights on the world of product are second to none.

From musings about iPhones to cooking, travel and more, he’s definitely worth a follow. His candor is refreshing and his insight into the world of building products that people love to use is valuable for anyone in business.

Janna Bastow

Janna’s is a content sharer. She surfaces the absolute best stuff around the Internet and then adds her own comments as well.

That’s not to say that she can’t throw down some knowledge of her own as well. While her style tends toward the sharer versus the pundit, Janna knows the business and can lay down wisdom when needed or requested.

Des Traynor

What can we say about Des that hasn’t already been said? The guy’s no-BS approach to products, success, failure and the steps leading to all of them make him an absolute superstar.

Just follow him. You can thank us later.


The founder of Xanadu, Mariya is another great follow because of her ability to surface content that matters to all of us.

Whether you’re building a product, thinking about building a product or just wondering if you should build a product, chances are good that Mariya will tweet something soon to help you find your answer.

Julie Zhuo

When you’re working for the the world’s largest social network, every task can seem huge. Enter Julie Zhuo from Facebook who brings the simplicity.

Julie has an amazing way of breaking down challenges into language that motivates without somehow ignoring the difficulty of the task at hand. On top of that, it’s generally not a bad idea to get a look at how Facebook does things and Julie is a direct line into the machine.

Ryan Hoover

Ryan has turned into a darling of the tech world lately. After launching Product Hunt, he’s joined Y Combinator, talked on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt and become the go-to guy for conversations about building.

What makes Ryan really stand out is his willingness to engage with his followers. Got a question or want to brainstorm an idea? Chances are that Ryan’s going to make time to talk about it. Or in many cases he’ll go so far as to write blog posts about the subject that you brought up.

Ken Norton

Formerly a product manager at Google and now with Google Ventures, Ken has great insight into both sides of the product and business table.

He’s also full of self-effacing humor that does a great job of reminding us all to not take ourselves so seriously.

That’s our list for now, but we’re looking forward to seeing it grow. These are the product managers that we turn to for inspiration. They’re the ones who continually build incredible products, keep their customers happy and know how to keep balance through it all.

Photo Credit: via Richard Goodwin

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