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As a Director of Customer Success I’m constantly thinking of ways we can heighten the customer experience, provide thoughtful service, and wow our customers. As a data company that provides the leading Customer 360 Platform, we have a huge, compelling data asset of people, companies, and relationship insights. This is why I was thrilled to be the first ‘customer’ of our Zendesk FullContact Insights app.

Installing the App

The Zendesk marketplace has a plethora of useful, easy-to-install tools and the FullContact Insights app was just as easy. Through the apps marketplace, I simply clicked ‘install’ and all my agents immediately had access to the new app. The insights into each customer appear on the right-hand side of your ticket view alongside the other Zendesk apps you may have installed. All in all, it was less than three minutes and a seamless experience. That is a win in my book.

Currently, we have five support agents across the United States and Europe supporting our customers seven days a week. Each of my agents have access to the app based on our Zendesk setup, but you can choose to install it by permissions if you so prefer. I personally feel it’s important for any agent responding to any form of communication to have access to the insights.

Why it Works

Before the FullContact Insights App, when a ticket would come in, we had no context about the person who submitted the ticket.

One of the most basic customer service principles is to address someone by name. Before FullContact Insights for Zendesk, we didn’t know who they were besides their email and maybe a name (often people don’t even include that), so that basic principle was not always easy to follow.  Since we have many channels by which our customers can reach us, it was defeating to have to generically say “Hi there,” or “Hello,”  instead of addressing them by name. It also took us a lot of time to login to our internal tooling to look up the person by their email address, refer to their use case, and try to understand more about them.

I understand everyone has a different setup, but I’ll make the assumption you may already have detail about the product your customer is using, how much they’re paying you, and perhaps something about their usage when they write in. My question to you is do you know what they care about, what makes them tick, where they live, and where they work? These are key enablers to more personalized service which are undoubtedly missed in today’s support ecosystem.

Now, with FullContact Insights right alongside our tickets, we have a visual that provides us with broader context and deeper personalization to improve the quality of our work with our customers.

I personally love putting a face to the name, taking a look at their social handles, understanding their ‘affinities’ or what they talk about online, learning about where they work and important details about their company.

Before responding to a customer, we now have those pertinent details about them that allow us to continue being awesome with the people that matter most.

We’ve had everything from one agent referencing a customer’s movie business and noting his favorite work (the customer was delighted and honored), to realizing a longtime customer we’ve talked to often lives in our hometown, to wishing a customer’s favorite sports team good luck in the playoffs. There are so many ways to turn a potentially frustrating inquiry from a customer into a positive one just based on these insights alone.

Want More?

Since we’re just getting going with the Insights, we’re looking forward to the future where we hope to use the data further to analyze the types of people that write into us, create lists/tags of users by groups of affinities, and create loyalty programs based off the user insights.

I firmly believe without knowing who you’re talking to, it’s hard to be truly effective.

If you’re a Zendesk customer and respond to your own customers all day long, I promise this will make your work more fulfilling, interesting, and contextual. I recognize I may be biased, but I’ve shared this with my other friends in the industry running their own teams and they are all in agreement as to its effectiveness and have the app installed.

Don’t take my word for it, install and test it out today in just a few minutes!

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