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Featured Image: Real-time Personalization with High-Volume Querying

You Don’t Have to Trade True Personalization for Speed

Written By:
Jon Tallman

Across the modern technological landscape of big data, there are two complementary forces that often sit on opposite sides of an equation: volume and capacity. If you want more data, it takes more time. If you want data faster, you can’t have as much of it. That translates into a dichotomy in digital media where real-time, service-based communications (think APIs) can only be accommodated up to a limited point, beyond which data must be aggregated asynchronously and processed in non-real-time.

The Solution: High-Volume Querying

With the release of High-volume Querying on FullContact’s Person API, clients with a need to process 100, 500, 1,000 or more individual requests every second are now able to get all the depth and accuracy that our identity resolution and enrichment services provide without trading off the volume of independent queries.

That means personalizing a web experience for your customers is limited only by your digital imagination.

High volume querying data flow

Most Impactful Personalization Opportunities Are Often Missed

If you have a popular web app or site that generates hundreds or even thousands of concurrent events like email-based logins, you can’t necessarily enrich those events with additional data while those users are still in session, and that is a missed opportunity.

This limitation puts a real damper on programmatic personalization at the times when that could be MOST impactful.

You might want to tailor the navigation, for instance, or the calls to action, the ad units, suggest searches or filters, discounts across a portfolio of products. The list of possibilities is large but often entirely out of reach because of technical limitations. FullContact seeks to change that.

Bucket your users into cohorts for A/B testing in real-time. Balance your discount or coupon offers in-session against known affinities on an individual basis. Promote new products to the right people at the right time to maximize conversions on your site.

Achieving Real-Time Personalization at Scale

Take the retail use case of online ticket sales. The largest of these properties draw tens of millions of unique monthly visitors. At a given moment, there could be thousands of concurrent user logins and, what’s more, is that any one of those users has a session life measured in single digit minutes on average.

Personalization Example

A savvy platform could leverage high-volume querying to resolve identity and return telling psychographic data in no more than a few seconds for all of those concurrent users. Then they could divert those users into custom event offerings based on location, social interests, and age in addition to any existing purchase data on hand, ultimately turning every user experience into a journey that is tailored to maximize purchase conversion.

We are opening up the aperture of possibilities here at FullContact in order to broaden the field of view for our customers, and personalization is a critical part of that. It is the key to strong customer relationships, conversion, and ultimately ROI in the digital sphere.

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