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Refresh: Add Context to Your Calendar with Personal Dossiers

One of the things that we love is seeing new apps that make our connected lives easier. The funny thing about connected lives is that the more that we connect online, the harder it is to keep up with people in the real world. Refresh is an application that acts like your personal assistant. It gives you a full introduction to the people you’re about to meet so that you never have a cold introduction again.

But it’s more than just background information. Refresh pulls in social data to give you talking points in advance of a meeting. When the person publishes a new blog, posts something to Instagram, or tweets about their amazing lunch, you’ll be in the know. So when you walk into that meeting you’ll finally have something more to break the ice than talking about the weather. Check out these screenshots from a meeting that I had with our VP of Business Development, Ben Deda:

Refresh is available now, in beta, for the iPhone. You can also get it on Google Glass if you happen to be in the lucky few who are in the Glass program. The company promises that it will have an Android release soon and a $10 million investment should help to push that along.

Give Refresh a try and let us know what you think. We’re super-excited to see even more options for connecting on a personal level, and Refresh does a great job.

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