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SaaS Tools Infographic

What's In Your SaaS Stack? (The Infographic)

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A few weeks ago, we sent out a survey. We wanted to know “What’s In Your SaaS Stack”. We sent the survey out via social media and email lists. In the end we gathered just short of 100 responses from companies of various sizes. The companies did not fall into any one specific category, but rather ran the gamut of consumer technology, enterprise technology, healthcare, consulting and more. We left all results “as-is”, so to speak, choosing to not filter responses for any reason. In the end, the results were quite interesting.

Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be digging into these numbers deeper and giving you some true perspective on SaaS use and spend based upon company size, gross revenue, company stage and more. We’ll also be interviewing leaders from the companies who responded to get a better understanding of how SaaS architecture fits into their workflow.

For now, we wanted to provide you with an overview. We’ve pulled together the raw data and we’ve already found some interesting points (including some suggestions for software that we missed). For instance, did you know that the average Series A startup spends in excess of $5,000 on SaaS products monthly? Or that companies with over $1 million in annual revenue tend to use Campaign Monitor for their email service provider rather than MailChimp or SendGrid? Finally, one that we found really interesting: if you use Salesforce, you’re more than twice as likely to use ZenDesk than Desk.com. Looks like that acquisition didn’t turn out so hot…

These are just a couple examples of what we’ve found so far. So take a browse, share it with your networks and let us know what’s in your SaaS stack in the comments below.

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