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Sales hacks to work smarter

5+1 Sales Hacks for Working Smarter not Harder

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It’s Denver Startup Week. What that means for us here at FullContact is tons of great speakers, workshops, and fun networking events. I’ve already seen Seth Godin in all of his glory. It also means we have all of our regular tasks – and everything else on top. So I am working smarter not harder so I can join in on the fun. Here are 5 easy sales tools and hacks to work smarter not harder.

1) See if You Already Know Someone

If you are on a site researching to see if they are a good fit for your product, the WhoWorksAt chrome extension will show you who in your network works at that domain. It’s really easy to use and gives you an idea of if you already have a strong connection there.

2) Don’t be Afraid of Recruiters

Most of you out there have an invite from at least a recruiter or two hanging out on your LinkedIn page. Accept them. I know this might sound counter-intuitive but stick with me here. Most recruiters have a large LinkedIn network and subscribe to LION practices. With them as a 1st degree connection, a lot more people come into your 2nd and 3rd connections and also your view.

3) When You Still Come Up Dry

The Salesloft Prospector tool is awesome. This simple chrome extension works much like having recruiters in your network. If you can’t find a prospect in the Linkedin search bar – search them on the Salesloft one. Or even just search a position and company. It searches via Google and will often return people you cannot see within Linkedin. I tend to use it for just the google search but you can also add them into your Salesloft list and export to excel. Bonus: Salesloft makes two other great sales tools so check them out too!

4) Find the Right Email

So you’ve done all the legwork and prospected a great contact. Having trouble figuring out their email? No problem. Use Rapportive to figure it out Use FullContact for Gmail to find out.. Compose an email and type in a few guesses of the possibility. I’ll use myself as an example – Lauren Wiper, an Account Executive at FullContact. I could be lauren@fullcontact.com, lwiper@fullcontact.com, or even lauren.wiper@fullcontact.com. All you have to do is type in those guesses into the to field of an email and toggle your cursor over them. If it pulls in Rapportive data- you’ve likely got the right one.

5) Email, Tracking, Templates and More.

Yesware is really helpful for within my gmail. It tracks my sales emails and lets me know who opens my emails and when. This information lets me both engage with prospects at the proper time. I can also tell if I am getting through at all. On top of that – it holds all of my different templates within this structure. With just a few clicks I can drop in the start to an email. It even tells me which of these email templates are getting the highest opens and responses. It also copies back to Salesforce automatically for me, which I love. Its an overall time saver and relationship builder.

Bonus: Capture Leads on the Fly.

I truly eat what I serve here. FullContact Card Reader is a lifesaver when I’m at all the Denver Startup Week events. There are over 5000 attendees and I connect with a lot of people over the course of the week. With Card Reader, I can quickly capture business cards and get them into Salesforce with just photo. It pulls in my Salesforce defaults and I can add whatever I need. I also always write down some notes before I submit the card so that I can send a meaningful follow up email. It is a lot better than staring at a stack of collected cards from the week dreading inputting them into Salesforce. I tend to forget who people are, where I met them, and the window of opportunity to connect is usually over by the time I get everything into Salesforce. I would be lost without it and I would have a lot less time to attend Denver Startup Week.

All of these tools are ones I use in my day to day. They all save me time and help me connect to prospects. Try them out! Most are free or have a free trial and will help you get through prospecting and on to relationship building!

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