Sanebox Email Management Review

SaneBox Makes Your Email Inbox Bearable Again

If email isn’t driving you crazy just yet then I’d like to welcome you to the Internet because you must be new here. 145 billion email messages are sent every day, yet there are only 2 billion email users worldwide. What’s worse? Over sixty percent of those messages are completely non-essential. Fortunately there’s SaneBox, and it could be exactly the tool you’ve been waiting for.

What is SaneBox?

SaneBox is less an email client, and more an addition to the client that you’re already using. For Gmail users, for instance, it creates folders and moves unimportant messages to them. The importance of the email is based on an algorithm that tracks how often you’ve interacted with a particular sender. If you have special circumstances (an email you read every day, but never reply to), you can just drag a sender into the appropriate section to make sure that you see that email each time.

Spam Control, Message Hold and More

There are some other great features to SaneBox as well, including the SaneBlackHole. It’s a folder where you can drag an email and you’ll never hear from that sender again. It operates on the same idea as an email client filter, but the process is automated for you by simply dragging and dropping a message. The other great part about SaneBox is a function similar to Boomerang from Baydin Software. SaneBox allows you to “hold” emails, resurfacing them for you when the time is better.

But Wait, There’s More

Interestingly, what’s probably my favorite feature of SaneBox is how it handles attachments. I’m always archiving email, dreading the day when I’ll have to use a Gmail search operator to find an old attachment that I should have saved locally. With SaneBox, that’s no longer a concern. You can save your attachments to Dropbox, Box or SmartCloud. It even organizes them for you neatly. The other incredibly handy feature is called SaneReminders. Sending a reminder to would send me a reminder email on Monday at 11. You can even forward messages to which you’re expecting a reply, turning SaneBox into a CRM of sorts to make sure that you’re keeping conversations current.

Does it Work?

In my few weeks that I’ve spent with SaneBox, I’ve found it to be worth every penny of the purchase price. There’s a 14-day trial, but after that the pricing will depend on what you need. The $89 annual plan more than meets my needs, and I get a lot of email. Drop by SaneBox and give it a try. They’ll even give you five bucks toward your purchase if you refer a friend.

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