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Selligy sales app review

Selligy Gets the Sales Data You Need into the Palm of Your Hand

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the simplification of CRM and how to make them work better for you. In this week’s Two Minute Drill we’re going to take a quick look at Selligy, a mobile CRM that focuses not only on making your meetings great, but also on keeping your life simple.

Mobile CRM

Selligy’s focus on mobile is likely a smart move. With so many salespeople no longer sitting behind a desk, making sure that the information that you need is where you need it (ie, in the palm of your hand) is paramount. Once you’ve downloaded Selligy and entered the basic information, you’ll see a display of data that’s actually important to you.

The app interfaces directly with your Salesforce installation, helps you learn more about your customers by matching social media and location data and can even tell you when you’ll need to leave for that meeting by pulling in current traffic conditions.

Selligy then takes things one step further by integrating one-tap dialing for conference calls (no more entering room codes) and it can even find missing meeting details based upon past meetings and Salesforce data.

Mobile Meets Enterprise

The team has also put together an enterprise offering that helps larger teams stay up to date inside of their CRM. Every meeting has a follow up screen with a meeting report so that those meetings get translated into Salesforce opportunities. In fact, if you happen to forget, the app will even remind you.

Download Selligy (it’s free) and let us know what you think. The team has put together a slick-looking application that focuses on simply telling you what you need to know. When it comes to sales, that’s the best ammunition you can have.

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