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SendGrid Partners with FullContact: Target Your Customers Before You Hit Send

Written By:
Kelsey Anderson

It’s an exciting thing when you setup a new business partnership with a company that has a mantra similar to your own: Deliver the right messages to the right people!

Which is why we’re particularly happy to announce that customers of SendGrid will be able to do exactly that, but now with even greater accuracy.

Why this is a perfect match

The key to a successful email campaign is to create a message that the contact feels was written just for them. However, crafting a highly personalized message is stymied when you don’t know what your contact really cares about.

“We’re delighted to partner with our fellow Foundry-backed and Denver-based friends at SendGrid to be able to offer clients the opportunity to deliver true personalization at scale through their email campaigns. Utilizing FullContact’s open-source identity-resolution asset, this partnership will enable SendGrid customers to become hyper-personalized in their email communication and cut through the inbox clutter, creating richer and more engaging customer experiences.”

– Bart Lorang, CEO and Co-founder, FullContact

SendGrid’s users now have a direct line into their customers’ gender, interests, affinities and hundreds of other data points by tapping into FullContact’s Person & Affinity APIs. The gold lies in the ability to segment customers based on newly discovered data points to create relevant, highly targeted messages. This newly enriched customer profile allows just that; saving time, resources and ultimately creating more successful campaigns.

Here’s how it works

You have an email list with a few pieces of information about your customer, but in order to position your brand in the perfect light and create those personalized messages, you’ll need to know much more about them so that you can segment appropriately.

It’s as simple as opening an account with FullContact and importing a csv file containing your first-party data. Then, we’ll go to work enriching it with demographic, psychographic and affinity data from our open identity graph (the world’s largest) that includes over 4 Billion people profiles, and 30 Million updates per day from over 120 different social networks. Once the file is returned to you, now enriched with new insights about your customers, you’ll import it back up to SendGrid where you’ll see these new data fields in your contact lists. Now you’re ready to filter and segment your list so that you can design the perfect message to the perfect audience.

Screenshot of segmentation in SendGrid

Segment and personalize your marketing campaigns using FullContact data enrichment solutions

Our contact list is large, how long does this enrichment process take?

The process is simple and doesn’t take long. Depending on the size of your list, your data can be enriched in a matter of days and ready for your marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Want to know more? Visit https://sendgrid.com/partners/fullcontact/

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