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The Shifting Sands of Programmatic & Social Advertising Spend

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The big demand on many marketing departments today is to reduce production costs while simultaneously scaling campaigns. With non-working advertising spend absorbing over 40% of the average advertising budget, the low hanging fruit is in reducing the cost of producing content and getting it in front of a perfect audience of buyers.

So it makes perfect sense that Wayin, the leader in digital campaign creation and curation, and FullContact, the leader in identity resolution, would create a strategic partnership that together allows brand marketers a way to scale campaigns with highly targeted messages to a perfectly defined audience profile.

By combining FullContact’s world class identity resolution data with Wayin’s customizable and reusable library, companies can create authentic and interactive campaigns, targeting the right consumers, in the right way. Whether it’s reach, engagement, conversion, or loyalty; this partnership will make sure brands are fully prepared to successfully interact at any point with their consumers.

Additionally, when brand marketers can analyze metrics from previous campaigns in different divisions, select one that is relevant to their goals, and build on it to better target consumers in their market, it makes campaigns more engaging for consumers and easier to execute for marketers.

The Programmable Age

Over 300 brands are utilizing the Wayin App Store to create their campaigns today. The valuable data they collect about their customers should not go unused. By utilizing FullContact’s data enrichment, they can create highly personalized and targeted customer interactions to ensure that they are always being awesome with their clients.

On the other side, FullContact customers already have a complete 360-degree view of their database and are looking for ways to leverage this data with their marketing campaigns. Wayin offers their customers a personalized and reusable library of interactive campaigns that can be used across all digital properties including web, social, mobile and partner channels. These campaigns will not only increase new engagement, but will make sure current customers continue to be engaged and excited every time they interact with that brand.

“Consumers now expect to receive more highly personalized ads and experiences from advertisers” says Bart Lorang, CEO of FullContact. “We are delighted to be able to combine the power of our 360-degree customer insights with Wayin’s platform to deliver personalized and highly targeted ads, enhancing the company’s ROI and consumers’ engagement.”

According to Brian O’Kelley, CEO, AppNexus, “A hallmark of the Programmable Age is a compressed and frictionless supply chain. Rather than stitch together a patchwork of point solutions, marketers and publishers will increasingly migrate to consolidated platforms that power the entire market.”  The strategic partnership between FullContact and Wayin achieves exactly that – a frictionless supply chain that positions your brand on the path of those looking for your solution.

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