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What if Social Data was Used in Hiring?

The Press Box is where we share the interesting things that we’re reading around the Internet.

Nik Kinley and Schlomo Ben-Hur have written an incredibly interesting post on the Harvard Business Review about how personality data can help make the decision process of talent hiring more effective:

Every year, companies spend in excess of US$3 billion on talent assessment — on trying to identify the right person to hire, promote, or select for talent-development programs. Companies do this in all sorts of way, generating all manner of data about which candidates are the best or most suited to a particular position. And this is just fine.

But most companies stop right there, only ever using their assessment results to inform decisions on individuals.

It’s a great read, and it got me thinking about how this personality profile data could be even further enriched by pulling in social data. Now, who wants to build it? FullContact’s APIs can help.

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